Inground Lights

Inground Lights

Inground Lights in Melbourne

As the name suggests, in ground lighting fixtures are placed in the ground to provide adequate lighting for outdoor spaces, such as gardens, pathways, driveways and building entrances. Having the right type of inground LED lights installed in a suitable spot can enhance the appearance of any property while providing ample lighting to keep both occupants and visitors safe.

Knowing which type of in ground lights outdoor spaces can benefit from and where they should be placed requires serious consideration and expertise, as there are many kinds of in ground lighting fixtures on the market. This is where Modern Lights can help. As a leading supplier of high-quality inground lights in Melbourne, we have no shortage of options available to local businesses at wholesale prices and at retail prices for homeowners.

Our inground LED lights are available in various sizes, colours and strengths, and are perfect for fulfilling particular lighting applications. They’re also completely waterproof and come with a high IP rating, meaning they can withstand rain and other elements.

Garden Inground LED Lights

Getting inground lights installed in garden spaces is a fantastic way to not only make the overall garden look more inviting, but also highlight trees, floral gardens, plants, garden beds and everything else in the area. These lights are bright enough to properly illuminate the area and prevent tripping while walking around the garden.

Walkway LED Inground Uplights

Modern Lights has a big selection of LED inground uplights that are rust-resistant and made to fulfil your lighting requirements. These are a great way to showcase trees on the property, with uplight in ground lighting products available that will not only highlight these trees, but also make your overall property look very impressive.

LED Inground Driveway Lights

Do you need lights that will increase night time visibility for when you drive or park your vehicle? Modern Lights can supply LED inground driveway lights that will shine upwards and highlight the perimeter so you can safely drive your vehicle. These lights can also highlight the beautiful trees and plants surrounding a driveway.

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