Outdoor Flood Lights in Melbourne

If you’re looking to buy LED flood lights online, look no further than Modern Lights – Melbourne’s leading supplier of outdoor flood lights. We stock a sizeable inventory of outdoor garden flood lights, outdoor wall flood lights and outdoor LED sensor flood lights, available at wholesale prices to commercial clients and at retail prices to domestic clients. All of our outdoor LED flood lights for sale come with a high level of IP protection and resistance to weather conditions, making them suitable for most outdoor lighting applications.

Outdoor Garden Flood Lights

Outdoor garden flood lights provide both ambience and safety for commercial and residential properties by illuminating pathways, driveways, pools, tennis courts and other parts of a property. They’re perfect for making these areas feel more inviting while helping people to find their way in the dark.

Outdoor Wall Flood Lights

Light up and enhance your outdoor space with Modern Lights’ premium outdoor wall flood lights. We have many outdoor wall flood lights to choose from that will give your property a sense of ambiance while providing extra security and lighting.

Outdoor LED Sensor Flood Lights

Outdoor LED sensor flood lights will come on when tripped by their built-in sensor and will automatically turn off after a few seconds if there is no activity detected in the area. They’re a highly economical lighting option that will not only save you money, but also increase your property’s security level, with the light turning on and surprising any intruders.

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If you’re searching for premium outdoor LED flood lights for sale, get in touch with Modern Lights today. Call us on (03) 8566 6873 or enquire online to buy outdoor flood lights of the highest quality.