Downlights Surface Mount

Downlights Surface Mount

Buy Premium LED Surface Mount Downlights in Melbourne from Modern Lights

LED Surface Mount downlights are a very popular and flexible lighting option. Not only are they versatile and easy to install, but they can give any room the style and flair it deserves. They’re commonly installed during renovation projects or when building a new home or commercial premises.

It’s no surprise that more and more people are turning to switchable downlights to light up their home - they have a long lifespan, don’t cost much to run, and are highly energy efficient. In fact, energy efficient downlights are up to 85% more energy efficient that standard light bulbs. LED ceiling downlights also have a longer lifespan than halogen and incandescent lights, meaning you won’t have to replace them on a regular basis.

At Modern Lights, we have an extensive range of LED surface mount downlights for sale available in various shapes and colours. With such a wide range of LED ceiling downlights in stock, you’re guaranteed to find high-quality modern downlights that will meet your lighting requirements. Our dimmable downlights provide easy mood lighting that will give your home or workplace the atmosphere you desire, as well as brighten up areas that may need some extra lighting.

Modern Lights’ long-lasting architectural downlights deliver an exceptionally high performance level when it comes to illuminating building structures and architectural elements. Meanwhile, our budget downlights can illuminate entire buildings while also reducing both your operating costs and your impact on the environment.

Residential Downlights

Dimmable LED downlights are one of the preferred lighting options for all types of residential properties, including houses, apartments, townhouses and more. This is because they use less energy, produce an optimal amount of lighting, and don’t cost much to use. Modern Lights can help you find the right surface mounted downlights or recessed downlights for your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and other rooms.

Commercial Downlights

Commercial downlights are an energy efficient and eco-friendly lighting option for office spaces, retail stores and other types of commercial buildings. Modern Lights has a huge selection of both downlights for commercial properties, allowing you to find the downlights that best suit the lighting requirements of your premises.

Products We Have in Stock:

  • Can downlights
  • Insulation covered downlights
  • White downlights
  • Black downlights
  • Recessed downlights
  • CCT downlights
  • IC-4 downlights
  • 90mm downlights
  • 70mm downlights
  • 80mm downlights
  • 100mm downlights
  • 10w downlights
  • 12w downlights
  • 15w downlights
  • Adjustable downlights
  • Bright downlights
  • Low glare downlights
  • Builders downlights
  • Trade downlights

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Buy LED downlights online with Modern Lights to get lighting that will illuminate your home exactly how you want. No matter what type of residential or commercial downlights you’re searching for, we can help you find low cost downlights that are perfect for your lighting requirements. To bulk buy downlights, call (03) 8566 6873 or enquire online today.