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Discover Our Range of LED Strip Lighting in Melbourne

LED strip lights are flexible circuit boards that contain LED bulbs. When viewed from a distance, they can create the appearance of a single strip containing numerous lights. These strip lights are popular for being small and flexible, having a high lighting output, and being ideal for locations where it’s not possible to install traditional lighting fixtures.

Modern Lights stocks the very best LED strip lighting in Melbourne. We have a wide variety of reasonably priced LED strip lights that are available in many different sizes, colours, strengths and ratings. When you buy LED strip lights online from Modern Lights, you’re guaranteed to receive the highest quality LED strip lighting kits, LED light transformers, LED extrusions and LED light drivers that will last for a long time to come.

LED Strip Lights We Have in Stock:

  • 12v LED strip lights
  • 240v LED strip lighting
  • LED strip lighting kits
  • LED aluminium extrusions
  • Strip lighting extrusions
  • Under bench extrusions
  • LED light drivers

What LED Strip Lights Can Be Used As

  • Cabinet lights
  • Underbench lights
  • Niche lights
  • Shadow lights
  • Bench lights
  • Deck lights
  • Pool lights

Why LED Strip Lights Are Highly Recommended

Efficiency & Cost-Effectiveness

LED strip lights are much more energy efficient and longer lasting compared to standard incandescent and halogen bulbs. Although these lights may be more expensive to buy initially, they cost less in the long run as they use noticeably less energy.


As LED strip lights are mounted on long, flexible strips, they can be used for various lighting requirements. They’re made to be easily bent, enabling them to produce light in areas that are usually hard to adequately illuminate.

Easy to Install

The LED strip lighting our Melbourne store has for sale is quick and easy to install and does not need many additional materials. Strip lighting is a simple way to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Low Profile

LED strip lights are thin and therefore can be placed in tight spaces. They can be hidden from view while still producing enough light to brighten the room.


LED strip lights can be cut to length so they can fit into spaces of various sizes. There are many different colour options for you to choose from, meaning the light being produced can be any colour you desire.

Shop Online or Contact Us Today

Buy LED strip lights online today to give your home that little bit of extra lighting it needs. Feel free to call (03) 8566 6873 or enquire online for more information on the LED strip lighting our Melbourne store has in stock.