Ceiling Mounted

Ceiling Mounted

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    Sleek 40 Cct 35w Led Oyster
    $117.27 $129.00
    Sleek 30 Cct 25w Oyster
    $90.00 $99.00
  3. MOD 30 CCT  25Watt OYSTER
    Mod 30 Cct 25watt Oyster
    $80.91 $89.00
  4. MOD 40 CCT 35W OYSTER
    Mod 40 Cct 35w Oyster
    $108.18 $119.00

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Shop High-Quality Ceiling Mounted Lights in Melbourne

Are you thinking about renovating or redecorating your home, or are you looking to upgrade your lighting fixtures with new ceiling mounted lights? Ceiling mounted LED lights are commonly used for general purpose lighting applications. They produce enough lighting for people to work, relax or entertain guests, while also being cost-effective and available in various decorative styles. These round ceiling lights are often installed in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.

If you’re searching for an energy efficient source of light, buy LED ceiling lighting online from Modern Lights. We have a huge range of ceiling mounted LED lights for you to choose from, including options that can light up a whole room and give it a touch of style. All of the ceiling mounted lights we have in stock are very easy to install and are ideal for low ceilings. All you have to do is attach these DIY lights directly onto the ceiling for seamless lighting.

Don’t wait; buy LED ceiling lighting online today from Modern Lights – Australia’s leading supplier of ceiling mounted LED lights. Whether you’re looking for sealed oyster lights, CTC lights or batten lights, our range of ceiling mounted lights is sure to cater to your lighting requirements.

LED Oyster Lights

LED oyster ceiling lights, also known as LED flush mount ceiling lights, are high-quality round LED ceiling lights that produce bright, ambient light, and are recommended for homes with low ceilings. LED oyster lights and flush lights are energy efficient, cost-effective, and available in many different shapes, sizes and styles to match the atmosphere and decor of any room.

CTC Lights

Modern Lights has a huge selection of close to ceiling (CTC) lights to choose from. CTC lights are stylish and practical ceiling mounted lights that are commonly seen in homes with lower ceilings. They do not hang low, helping to make any space feel bigger and the ceiling appear to be higher than it actually is. Explore our range of close to ceiling lights online to find the right lighting fixtures for your home.

Batten Fix Lights

Batten fix lights are a popular and affordable lighting option. These DIY lights are easy to install and are perfect for illuminating an entire room. Batten lights are available in various colours, designs and materials, allowing you to create a space that reflects your unique sense of style. 

Browse Our Range of Ceiling Lights Online Today

If you’re looking to buy LED ceiling lighting online, Modern Lights has options that are perfect for lighting up your home just how you want it. No matter what type of ceiling mounted LED lights you’re after, we can help you find the home or garage lights you need. Feel free to call us on (03) 8566 6873 or enquire online for more information.